Converter: BMECat to. CSV and Excel

The web service "BMECat2CSV/Excel" converts your BMECat files (versions 1.2 or 2) into files in the format. CSV. You can convert files up to 500 MB in size through this service.

Link to the application:

Features in detail:

  • Entering the email address to be notified of the result of the conversion
  • Uploading BMECat versions 2 or 1.2
  • Conversion to csv or Excel spreadsheet
  • User will receive a notification by email with a link to download the result

Sceenshot: Application on the Desktop

Screenshot Online BMECat Converter nach CSV bzw. Excel

Screenshot: Application on the Smartphone

Screenshot Online BMECat Converter nach CSV bzw. Excel

This service is free of charge. Companies that need this service as a customized application can request it from Sepia. Sepia is a software and consulting company specializing in the processing of product data, in particular electronic catalogs. If you have any questions about this service or any other topic relating to the processing of product data, please contact:


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