What is Product Information Management?

Capture and manage product information, and distribute perfectly prepared data to all channels.

The term "Product Information Management" refers to entrepreneurial measures aimed at bringing product information together, centrally manage it and make it available for different output channels. It's about making product data maintenance as efficient as possible, avoiding redundancies and optimizing translation management. One of the most important aspects is the control of data output to multiple marketing and distribution channels (omni-channel marketing). PIM systems are often employed as a complement to ERP systems.


Product Information Management: Schnellere Produkteinführung


Considerably faster product launches through Product Information Management

PIM systems make the introduction of products to marketing and distribution channels considerably faster. By using Product Information Management companies are able to roll out products within a quarter of the usual time.

  • eCommerce (web shops, amazon, etc.)
  • Point of sale (retail)
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Printed catalogues
  • Trading partners
  • and much more ...

Screencast: Working with a Product Information Management System

Unique Brand Experience for Customers through Omni-channel Commerce

Customers do not want and should not need to worry about the context, device or location on/in which they see or purchase a product. The purchasing experience for your customers should be as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, so that it is ideally not relevant for the buyer that the sales channel has been changed.  Product Information Management for Omni-Channel Commerce

Product Information Management für Omni-Channel-Commerce


To achieve exactly this effect puts highest demands on a company's product data management. These requirements can usually only be met with a professional product information management system. PIM is therefore the basis needed for the successful implementation of omni-channel marketing or omni-channel commerce concepts.

SEO for Product Data

To be found on the Web, product information must be converted to "searchable content". In Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content is the most important element by far. Fot the purposes of SEO, "content" encompasses everything a potential customer can see on a website

Product Information Management für SEO bei Produktdaten

Non-unique content leads to confusion when web pages are indexed by search engines. The result is the annoying effect that the relevance of the content per product page considerably decreases.
With Alterra Product Information Management (PIM) you provide unique SEO-relevant meta data  to ensure that search engines definitely find them on the right page.


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