Alterra Master Data Management (MDM)

Managing master data in a networked and heterogeneous system landscape centrally and keeping them consistent is a challenge for many companies.

There are different factors that affect the consistency of master data:

  • Factors that interfere with the consistency your Master Data
  • Increasing distribution of data across different systems.
  • Global use of master data.
  • Use of the same data set in a variety of contexts. 

Approaches to system integration such as EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) can solve only part of the problems inherent to distributed data. These solutions require master data that are often simply not available. 

However, without master data that are conclusive in themselves, the complexity of business information processes can not be reduced.  Insufficient master data management in the medium term results in poorer data quality, an increased effort in data management and distribution, and in many cases even in impaired competitiveness.

The solution: Sepia Alterra MDM (Master Data Management)

Alterra Master Data Management solves the problems inherent to an inconsistent master data base.

With Sepia Alterra MDM, you can:

  • record Master Data
  • manage master data
  • clean up master data
  • distribute master data

Benefits when using Alterra Master Data Management

  • Consistent data hub for different applications
  • Control mechanisms for error detection for optimized data quality
  • More efficient data management

Sepia Alterra Master Data Management is unique

Central repository:

With Sepia Alterra MDM, the user is provided a central tool to manage  all master data objects (e.g. customers, products, suppliers, cost centres, hierarchies, charts of accounts, functional locations, employees, and also customized object models) within a single solution.

Cleaned-up data:

Through a smart and flexible scoring model with matching strategies, duplicates are found and corrected, and master data are validated and enriched as required.


Through the integration in Sepia Alterra, consolidated reporting across the various connected source systems is possible via MDM.  By holding data in the volatile memory (RAM), the response times are – even with a number of several million data records – in the millisecond range.

Integration with ERP:

Integration into various ERP systems is guaranteed, so that Sepia Alterra MDM acts as a neutral consolidation instance. 

Open APIs:

Powerful and open APIs provide the ability to represent solutions with any level of flexibility, tailored to the customer's needs.

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